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Our Team

Board of Directors

Dr. Brenna Kaschor

Dr. Anita Kothari

Marianne Levogiannis

Administrative Staff

Nursing Staff


Alessia Lupiano


Ela Bak


Erin Siemon


Debbie Murawski

Partners   at Prisma Health Care Collaborative

Dr. Uma Sivasekaram

Dr. Michelle Lepitre

Dr. Aurelia Valiulis

Dr. Alison Wright

Dr. Craig Olmstead

Dr. Lexie Grainger

Dr. Ceara McNeil

Dr. Laura Ball


King’s School of Social Work

Trainees: Field placements for students in the BSW or MSW programs are provided.

BSW - year 4 only

MSW - years 1 and 2

Details: Students have the opportunity to work with our multidisciplinary team of providers to support families at G.R.O.W., engage in quality improvement / research projects, and much more!

School of Physical Therapy - Western University

Trainees: Senior physiotherapy students interested in pediatric/pelvic health

Details: Students can complete a rotation in their senior year working with our medical team and supervised by licensed pediatric/pelvic physiotherapists providing both on-site and virtual care.

Other Programs

Pediatrics Residency: as part of the “social pediatrics” rotation, residents can work with our team and see how we provide wrap-around care to families in need.

Medical Office Administration: trainees can complete in-person or virtual placements.

Other Social Work Programs: Many training programs in social work allow students to complete clinical/field placements in other cities, provinces, or countries. After reviewing academic performance, references and completing interviews with various members of our team, students may be offered a placement at our center.

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