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Feed and GROW

Supporting Every Mother's Infant Feeding Choices

Update January 2024

Due to funding restrictions, we are only able to offer a select number of OHIP-insured infant feeding visits, by referral only

How to Book Your Feed and GROW Visit

With a doctor's referral

Once we get the referral from your provider,** you will get an e-mail **with the link to book your appointment. If you have not received an email, contact your medical provider and ask them to refer you and your infant. Providers can access the e-referral portal by clicking HERE.

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Open Wings"

Without a referral

Book for a visit with one of our exceptional Breastfeeding Counsellors.

They can help with most feeding concerns, and will connect you with a doctor if more advanced support is needed

Feed and GROW

Infant Feeding Support through G.R.O.W.

As part of our focus on the mother-baby relationship at G.R.O.W., we offer rapid access to WHOLISTIC infant feeding support.

What does this mean?

  1. Every woman who wants to breastfeed should be provided with evidence-based, consistent information, delivered in a way that is accessible for them, that prioritizes the dyad relationship.

  2. Breastfeeding is important for both mom and baby, but the feeding relationship should not be prioritized over the mental health and wellbeing of the mother and family.

  3. Early intervention and close follow up are the cornerstones of this work.  We aim to see the mother-baby dyad as soon as possible after hospital discharge.

  4. Risk factors for difficulty breastfeeding should be addressed, managed and their impact minimized as much as possible.

Nursing Newborn

What happens at a
Feed and GROW appointment?

Before your appointment you will receive an email with a link to complete a series of standardized forms. These help us understand you, your family, your goals, challenges and strengths.  It is important that you complete these BEFORE the visit, so that our time in the visit is dedicated to providing you and your newborn with hands-on support. Your team will review the completed forms ahead of your visit.

If possible, please do not feed your baby right before your visit.  This may make it difficult to assess feeding in the clinic.
Pleas bring ANY documentation or equipment that you have for breastfeeding.  This may include breast pumps, feeding logs, nipple shields, etc...

  • When you arrive, you will be greeted by our staff and checked in. 

  • Please be sure to bring yours and your baby's health card with you to every visit.

  • Our providers with additional expertise and training in infant feeding will weigh and measure baby, check your blood pressure and heart rate, and ask about any concerns you have.  They will also examine you and the baby for any issues that may make breastfeeding more difficult.

  • We will gather information about your pregnancy, delivery, your physical and mental well-being, along with details about baby's feeding at, and after leaving the hospital. 

  • We will observe and, with your consent, provide hands-on assistance with infant feeding. We will identify any potential challenges, and offer solutions. 

  • Interventions may include: assisting with breast pump use, introducing a nipple shield or supplemental nursing system, adjusting hold and latch, demonstrating and/or assisting with hand expression, tongue tie release (CLICK HERE for our parent information pamphlet about tongue ties), referrals to specialists, and more.

  • If your baby has a valid health card, there is NO CHARGE or additional costs to you for frenectomy (tongue tie release).

  • Interventions are completed by a physician with additional training and skills in breastfeeding medicine, through our partnership with Prisma Health Care Collaborative.  This can include prescriptions if needed.

  • After your visit, you will receive an email with any handouts or other information discussed during the visit.

  • We will offer short term follow up to make sure that you and your baby are developing a strong and healthy feeding relationship.

  • At your request, we can share information about the visit with your OB, primary care provider or midwife.

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